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How to look after your nails

How to Look After Your Nails

Be gentle with them – your nails are very delicate and so it is important not to over scrub them or be too rough with them.

Make sure to apply lotion, not only is lotion good for your hands but it is essential for your nails. They thrive with lotion to keep them for cracking up and drying.

File your nails- making sure that your nails are filed is the best way to stop rough edges and decide which direction you want your nails to grow. If they do not get filed, then it can cause them to be uneven and this can cause your nails to break and peel.

Nail polish – using a base coat before putting on a colored nail varnish is the best way to protect them from staining. Don’t forget to give your nails a break from the nail varnish though as this can dry them out.

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