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Australia’s Premium
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Delicious vitamin gummies packed full of goodness! haircarebear is your go-to brand for delicious health and beauty gummies that help you look and feel amazing!

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Bundle and save on our monthly supplies of your favourite health and beauty gummies! 

Try our delicious Hair, Collagen and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies for $85!

Also available in 3-month supplies and 6-month supplies to ensure you're fully stocked!

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User reviews & Real Results

I have loved my first bottle of haircarebear multivitamins! My hair is longer and more luscious than usual. I’ve enjoyed taking the gummies every day!

~ blazeangel

Finally a multivitamin hair gummy that tastes amazing!

~ pepehavea

This botttle includes more than vitamins for my hair; they have ingredients that have been excellent for my overall well being.

~ danicasarza

My hair has been longer and more luscious than normal and I’ve enjoyed taking these gummies every day!

~ alicerogerz

I've tried other hair care vitamins and haven't found much difference. It's been great to see and feel the difference with haircarebear!

~ annikalangeveld

I have noticed a difference in not only the condition of my hair, but also the strength of my nails. I would highly recommend this brand!

~ taneikawellings

haircarebear vitamin gummies have benefited my hair so much! The gummies have helped me to lengthen my hair like crazy and thicken it too while also making it incredibly healthy. I can't live without them now!  

~ blazeangel

I’ve been having these gummies for MONTHS and I honestly look forward to having them every day. They taste so good and my hair has never been healthier.

~ minielenarose

I'm in love with the ACV gummies and would highly recommend. They have helped my skin so much and they are the best tasting apple cider I have ever had! 

~ biancabrown

The ACV gummies have a delicious apple flavour and doesn't taste like vinegar at all, except it has the slightest smell of it. They are so east to take and i've felt my tummy and digestion have been feeling at ease and I couldn't be happier!

~ strictlysal


Catch your favourite blue bears in Vogue! Who spotted our delicious blue Hair Gummies in Vogue earlier this year?

There’s a new bear coming to town!

We’re so excited to announce the launch our brand new Collagen Gummies! Collagen is known to reduce fine lines and keep skin feeling happy and healthy. haircarebear Collagen Gummies are packed with collagen to help your skin glow! Watch this space!