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Can drinking more water help acne?

Can drinking more water help acne?

Can drinking more water help acne?

 Water is your skin’s best friend! It should be anyway. Drinking an adequate amount of water, ideally a minimum of 2 litres daily, can help contribute to clearer skin because water helps to detox the skin, flushing toxins out that can contribute to clogged pores. Water is also vital for skin hydration. When we drink water, our body will provide it to all of our organs before it benefits our skin so it’s a good idea to drink extra to maintain skin hydration.

How does water affect acne?

Staying well hydrated helps to improve your body’s overall immune cell response. Your immune system is constantly fighting bacteria and some of that harmful bacteria will contribute to acne and other blemishes.

While it’s not a cure, drinking an adequate amount of water daily can help to improve skin health. When your skin is dry, your body produces more oil to create a protective barrier for your skin, but this excess oil production can cause acne. Keep in mind, your skin is an organ, and your body works hard to protect it.

Benefits of water

Our skin is primarily made up of water, if you don’t provide your body with enough water for a prolonged amount of time, your skin will become visibly dry, and it will increase the likelihood of developing fine lines and wrinkles.

Since our body needs water to survive, our bodies tend to retain it if it isn’t getting enough. This water retention is our body’s way of protecting us and telling us that it needs more water! Swelling can be caused by water retention and drinking more water can help to reduce swelling and puffiness, smoothing the appearance of the skin.

Drinking enough water can help wounds heal faster, meaning water can benefit acne scars not just active acne! This is because proper hydration is essential for healing. Water is also crucial for well-balanced pH levels. If you suffer from acne, then maintaining balanced pH levels help improve the appearance of skin and promote skin health.

Skin hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is vital for skin health. If you find yourself waking up with tight, dry & flaky skin then it could be an indicator that you aren’t drinking enough water.

Water based creams & serums are a good option if you suffer from dry skin, and skin supplements such as hyaluronic acid can be very beneficial as they promote skin hydration. To keep you hydrated from the inside out we now have hyaluronic acid gummies! You can find them here. Be sure to add this little bear to your skincare routine to keep your skin well moisturised and hydrated.

Water based skin supplements

Using topical treatments can help calm inflammation but unmedicated creams and serum mightn’t be your best bet if you suffer from acne.

Make sure you see a dermatologist if you’re concerned about which products to use, and if you find topical treatments aren’t giving you the desired results then try oral supplements! For optimal skin health take a look at our Best of Skin bundle here.

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