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Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat 

Whether your bouncy curls turn to frizz or your straight smooth hair goes flat as a pancake we all understand how the heat can affect our hair. It’s time to take control! Here’s our top tips to beat the heat.

1. Serum our saviour!

Take control of any frizz by using a serum on damp hair, if you fancy a natural curl just twist in sections as it dries to encourage a natural wave.

2. Braids baby!

This is an oldie but a goodie! Try a loose relaxed plait or a classic pony twist and leave your hair to dry naturally. Too much heat from blow drying can leave hair dry and brittle. A few sprays of leave-in conditioner and the summer sun is all you need for moisturised locks!

3. Work with what you've got

    There’s no point in trying to go for a sleek ponytail if your hair decides to rebel on the first day of summer. Embrace your hair, gorgeous!

      4. Try the blue bear that cares for your hair!

        haircarebear contain hair-friendly vitamins that will assist in the growth and health of your hair – whether you’re tackling the frizz or the humidity, the little blue bear will keep your hair in tip top shape
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