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What's the deal with ACV?

What's the deal with ACV?

Beloved by the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Miranda Kerr, this little liquid is getting a lot of buzz lately. What used to be the thing that your mum used to clean the bathrooms with, is now a magic potion, with properties to clear your skin, flatten your tummy and boost your immune system.

“So what EXACTLY does it do?” I hear you screaming!

Well… ACV works mostly in your stomach, it’s a detoxifying agent that helps rid your stomach of all the nasties that are brought on by a less than perfect diet, a few too many bevvies on the weekend and a whole lot of other factors that aren’t necessarily under our control.

Once your stomach bacteria is under control and working like a well oiled machine, you’re better able to digest, which means less bloating, and more flat tummies (without the tea, eat your heart out Kylie).

As well as helping keep the bloating at bay, many studies have shown that ACV can help reduce spikes in blood sugar after eating a carb-rich meal. That 3pm slump you feel after a big pasta lunch? That’s your blood sugar crashing after a spike. Avoid the spike = Avoid the crash = Still have the pasta.

Not only are you avoiding the spike, ACV taken alongside your fave carbs has been shown to increase feelings of fullness and even prolong that feeling. Curbing snack cravings gives you more control over your calorie intake, and gives you more time between meals to let your tummy digest.

Studies have also linked ACV to weightloss, no doubt from the myriad of tummy lovin’ goodness that you’ve learned about above.


It’s also packed full of antioxidants, which I’m sure we don’t have to sing the praises of, they’re the superhero of skincare and gut health alike.

When your tummy’s happy, your body’s happy, which is why ACV also promotes that insta-goddess glow that until now has been the domain of the Hollywood elite.

So what’s the downside?

The taste. Feeling good and looking good doesn’t need to mean downing a shot worse than the first tequila shot after lockdown! Traditional ACV relies on iron taste buds or the use of a 7am chaser.

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