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What’s NOT in our gummies (and for good reason!)

What’s NOT in our gummies (and for good reason!)

Our gummies are jam-packed with a bunch of goodies. We’re talking about those all-too-important vitamins and minerals that keep your hair long, lush and shiny (especially through these freezing winter months!).

But there are a lot of things that aren’t in our gummies, and for good reason! These nasties are included in other vita gummies because it’s easier to keep them than get rid of them, but we’re committed to bringing you babes nothing but the best!

Our little yummy gummies are cruelty, soy and gluten free with zip (zero, nada!) GMOs. Sounds great, right?

But do you know why it’s so important to keep these out of our gummies?

Let us get you up to speed!

Let’s start with cruelty free. Our gummies are made without any harm to animals (in any part of our process). We make sure our gummies are made ethically, so you babes can reap the rewards of our gummies knowing our furry little friends are safe and sound.

Our gummies are also a billion percent soy free. For the last few years, soy has been promoted as a super health food, with claims of reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis and some hormonal cancers. But lately, it’s been found that it might not be as good as everyone is claiming. Some studies have found that soy might actually cause cancer, as well as thyroid problems and dementia.

So, with all of this back and forth between health professionals as to whether soy is good or bad, we thought it’d be best to stay on the safe side and keep soy out of ALL of our gummies.

We’ve also kept our gummies gluten free, because, well, why wouldn’t we? We’re not saying gluten is super bad for you, but we understand that a lot of people are choosing to steer clear. Also, gluten has ZERO nutritional benefits, so why would we bother.

Lastly, our gummies are free of GMOs. If you didn’t know, GMO stands for genetically modified organism, which basically means that the DNA of whatever food or nutrient  has been changed through genetic engineering. Basically? GMOs are fake foods and nutrients, and we’re all about keeping it real #NoFilter

We’re all about giving you babes nothing but the best, so we’ve kept all those nasties out of our gummies. This means you can pop two gummies a day knowing you’re only putting good stuff into your body, and still get the results of health, long, luscious hair.

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