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5 ways to keep your locks long and lush in winter

5 ways to keep your locks long and lush in winter

Babes, let’s be real. It’s ab-suh-lutely FREEZING. We’re not sure about you, but we haven’t felt warm in months. To make things worse, our skin is drying out and our hair is hating the cold.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t stand having dry, damaged hair. So, we thought we’d let you in our Top 5 ways to keep your locks long and lush throughout these #ColdAF winter months.

1 . Avoid going outside with wet hair.

When it gets super cold outside, your wet hair is way more susceptible to breaking. Those luscious locks you’ve been taking care of so well? Well, they’ll be ruined in seconds if you keep venturing out before your hair is dry.

We suggest investing in a good hair dryer (don’t forget to use a heat protecting spray though!), or wash your hair before you go to bed so it’s dry by morning.

2 . Condition. Condition. And condition some more.

In winter, your hair needs more. More care, more attention and more conditioning! Keeping your hair moisturised helps combat dry hair, keeping it smooth and lush (even if you’re just kicking it at home!).

3 . Take care when washing hair!

Do you take showers so hot that the devil would even find it too hot? Sorry, babes, but you’re going to need to turn that temperature right down.

Hot water wreaks havoc on your scalp and hair. We suggest washing your hair in warm water to keep your hair from drying out and, worse, breaking!

4 . Wash your hair, but not on the daily.

Of course, how often you wash your hair depends on your hair type, but overall? Washing your hair every day is way too much.

We suggest washing your hair every two to three days if you have straight or slight wavy hair, and every four to five days for curly hair.

5 . Our last (and absolute fave) way of keeping our hair health in winter is, of course, our Hair Care Bear gummies! Jam packed with those all-too-handy vitamins and minerals, they’re our go-to for keeping our hair fab in winter.

Jump on over to our shop page to grab yourself some little yummy gummies, and keep your hair healthy this winter!

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