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We Care Bear

We Care Bear

We don’t think anything says ‘care’ quite like a bear!

So, if you want to show someone how much you appreciate them what do you? Shower them with teddy bears, obviously! Not just any teddy bears though, lets be real. If you want to show true appreciation then a gift that keeps on giving is almost as good as an XL vino with the girls after a long time in iso!

Luckily we may just have created best gift that keeps on giving. Not only are our gummies bursting with vitamins + minerals to give your lushes locks the support they need, they’re bursting with excitement to provide joy to those who need it.

So, now that we have found the perfect gift of appreciation the question remains - who deserves to be showered with cute teddy bear gummies?  Frontline workers, duh!

We are beyond excited to announce our support for our current hero’s! The last few months have been something no one would ever understand how to cope with. Especially the badass hero’s coping with it everyday professionally as well as personally. We feel so much love for you that we may have gone a little cray and made a bottle of pink gummies  just for the occasion!

We know, you’re excited, and so you should be! Because we will be giving ALL frontline workers a bottle of our pink gummies for FREE, yup - you heard right! And to top it all off - 20% of all purchases (for all the legends out there wanting to get on board our pink gummie hype but don’t work on the frontline) will be donated to frontline charities.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spread some gummie goodness around this globe! Oh and frontline workers - don’t be shy and come on forward to collect. It’s time to take care of yourself after taking care of so many others.

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