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Valerian Root: What is Valerian Root Used For?

Valerian Root: What is Valerian Root Used For?

Valerian root - what is Valerian root used for?


We all know how important it is to get that beauty sleep in. Lack of sleep will leave you tired, lagging on your daily grind, and your face feeling like a puffy mess, something we all want to avoid.

In recent times, valerian root has been adopted as an alternative solution to help treat a variety of health conditions, including insomnia and anxiety. Though it may not smell the greatest in its natural state, valerian root extract is a herbal supplement with amazing calming properties. Apart from it being a great sleeping aid, valerian root is also a fantastic relaxant that contains properties to help treat insomnia and mild anxiety.

What exactly is valerian root?

Valerian is a flowering plant native to Europe and Asia, commonly used as a sedative in traditional and folk medicine. The root has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy to help with insomnia, and now it’s been adopted in the manufacture of dietary supplements.

Uses of valerian root

Valerian Root contains a range of fab health benefits and is used in Western medicine to improve sleep, mood, and relaxation of the mind.


As a natural herbal supplement, valerian root extract helps curb mild insomnia by mitigating those unnecessary disturbances you sometimes encounter during your sleep.

More often than not, these disturbances are a result of our daily activities and the stress we experience day-to-day. Fortunately for our babes, properties found in Valerian roots are great for insomnia as it helps ease the mind before sleep and relax the body.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Let's be honest, the struggle to unwind and switch off is real sometimes. There can be nothing more soothing than a night of glorious sleep free from all that daily anxiety and stress. Many modern products that use valerian root help treat a variety of health conditions which also include anxiety, fatigue, and mood changes.

Haircarebear sweet dreams gummies

On those days you feel extra anxious, the relaxing properties that the valerian root contains will help you wind down and relax. Our Haircarebear Sweet Dreams Gummies contain the calming valerian extract that helps relax the mind and promote deep sleep. Created with a delicious natural passion fruit flavour, these bears contain a dream-inducing valerian extract to calm the mind and help you chill out so you can have the sweetest of dreams.

We understand that you live by your night-time beauty routine. We want nothing more than to help you stay consistent with your daily routine, and our valerian extract induced Sweet Dreams Gummies will help you do just that.

We know you deserve a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams start here.

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