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Top tips for staying healthy over the festive season!

Top tips for staying healthy over the festive season!

Time and a place!

  • A family occasion or catch up with friends? Go for it! Eat, drink and be merry but choose your indulgent days wisely and keep the alcohol content to a minimum where possible.

Keep moving

  • We know how easy it is to lie on the beach all day or sit on a rooftop bar on a glorious day but try and stay active. Go for hikes, walks and even a cheeky jog here and there to get your heart rate up and muscles moving.


  • Drink lots of water – especially on a night out! Don’t be afraid when your pals are buying drinks to grab a sparkling water with a slice or lemon or lime. You’ll thank yourself in the morning too!

Active dates

  • Schedule to see your friends for fitness related catch ups! Rather than dinner or drinks, meet up for a yoga session or a nice long walk along the beach. Your bank account will appreciate this one too!

Look after number 1

  • The festive season can be such a busy and stressful time. Between the shopping, cooking, hosting, social occasions and finishing work, make sure you take time to unwind and recharge. Grab a movie, do a face mask, get your hair and nails done. Treat yo’self! You deserve it.


How do you stay healthy and fit over the Christmas holidays? We’d love to hear from you!


haircarebear HQ x

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