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Probiotic Chocolate: The Perfect Treat for a Healthy Gut

Probiotic Chocolate: The Perfect Treat for a Healthy Gut

Probiotic Chocolate for Gut Health

Dark chocolates are a well-known dessert for those who prefer a sweet treat without the added guilt. For the chocolate lovers among you, you’ll be excited to learn that Haircarebear has formulated a line of chocolates that satisfy your sweet tooth and meet your health needs.  Among our new collection, our probiotic chocolates are perfect for those looking to improve their gut health. As the condition of our gut can affect several aspects of our health, taking these chocolates can support overall wellness and improve your health. To learn more about the benefits of our probiotic chocolates, let’s discover what probiotics, prebiotics, and gut health are and how probiotic dark chocolate benefits our health. 

What are probiotics, prebiotics, and gut health?

Probiotics and prebiotics go hand-in-hand in that probiotics improve the good bacteria in our gut microbiome through the microorganisms they contain. In contrast, prebiotics are the food source of your gut’s microorganisms. Together, they help improve gut health and digestion, with prebiotics providing the food for the good bacteria to function. 

Now, why exactly is gut health important? Simply put, gut health is linked to various aspects of our health and wellness, such as: 

  • The immune system 
  • Heart health 
  • Sleep 
  • Digestion and gastrointestinal conditions 
  • Mental health 
  • Autoimmune conditions 

For this reason, consuming a diet with rich probiotics and prebiotic content is crucial to improving your gut health naturally. Exercise can also do wonders for your gut health by improving the flow of digestive content throughout your body. However, if you need more probiotic content but can’t seem to get it through dieting, the best probiotics for gut health are available in Australia to give your body the necessary probiotic boost.

Is dark chocolate good for gut health?

Dark chocolate is good for the gut and digestion because it is prebiotic. Studies have shown that dark chocolate with 85% cocoa content helps improve the diversity of our gut bacteria and enhance our mood with the gut-brain axis. Additionally, its high-fibre content helps strengthen your body’s digestive system. 

 Aside from this, the other health benefits of dark chocolate include: 

  • Lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol 
  • Better flow of blood in the body 
  • Anti-inflammation properties 
  • Reduced resistance to insulin 
  • Improved neuron connections in the brain 

With this, we recommend adding dark chocolate to your diet in moderation to help improve several aspects of your health, especially for its rich prebiotic content.

Why should I take Haircarebear’s Probiotic Chocolates?  

While dark chocolate is mainly known as a prebiotic, our dark chocolate Probiotic Chocolates are an even better source of probiotics for the body.  Our Probiotic Chocolates contain over 3.8 billion cfu* probiotics in every serving. Their formulation includes two well-known probiotic species commonly found in yoghurt: Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Lactis. Moreover, they also have the prebiotic fibre inulin. All these work together to keep your gut and digestive systems healthy and functioning. 

Aside from their health benefits, our Probiotic Chocolates are also very delicious. They contain the classic flavour of chocolate that adults and kids over four will love. Plus, since they’re sugar-free, you and your kids can enjoy these chocolates guilt-free. Simply take two chocolates a day to enjoy the delicious taste and keep your gut functioning at its best - remember always to read the label and follow the directions for use. 

More than just a dessert, dark chocolate, in moderation, can benefit your gut health significantly. With our Probiotic Chocolates, you can get enough probiotic content to improve your overall health and wellness - all packaged in the classic chocolate flavours we all know and love.  For more gummies and chocolates for better health, look through our products at Haircarebear! Check out our collection of the best probiotics for gut health in Australia and more!


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