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Bring the bounce back to your hair

Bring Back the Bounce!

Is your hair looking flat? Want to boost the bounce? Then follow our tips.

1 – Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair – Use shampoo and conditioners that address the volume issue. Lots of products will say on their bottle that they aid with volume.

2 – trim your hair – if heavier your hair, the flatter it will be. So make sure to keep it shorter, so it will weigh less and have more volume.

3 – use cold water – Hot water can strip away the essential oils that your hair needs and so wash with cooler water to keep your hair cleaner for longer and full of bounce.

4 – use volume products – sometimes using products is the best way forward if you don’t want to spend lots of time trying to maintain volumed hair. It is as simple as blow drying your hair upside down, changing your parting, using dry shampoo and using hot rollers which will all give you the bounce that you are looking for.

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