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5 things to do before you check your Instagram in the morning

5 things to do before you check your Instagram in the morning

Don’t get us wrong, we love Instagram and browsing all the wonderful images, trends, memes and keeping up to date with our followers but we’re big believers in balance. Here’s a couple of things to try before you check insta first thing in the morning – always good to mix it up!

Stretch it out – wake your body up with some simple stretches. Not only does this help ease your aches and pains, but, is sends a signal to your body to wake up and get ready for the day. 

Drink a glass of cold water – this is one of the simplest to-dos that is overlooked. Drinking a glass or two of cold water in the morning not only wakes your body up, but it hydrates it and flushes out toxins.

Remember to hydrate your skin too – while it is important to hydrate your body, it is also important to hydrate your skin. Washing your face with cold water in the morning not only wakes you up, it is a great anti-wrinkle cream as it tones the skin and tightens and protects your pores.

Eat something – while many people do not feel up to eating anything in the morning and while it is a myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is the perfect meal to kick start your day, make you feel energised and shake off that sluggish morning feeling.

Spend 10 minutes relaxing or meditating – being rushed and manic in the morning can disrupt a person’s day. Today the world is a very busy and fast place, however, refusing to get sucked into it and sitting to relax and wake up in the morning is the best way to equip your mind to fight any stress that may come your way that day.

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