Hair Gummies: 1 Month Supply

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haircarebear Hair Gummies are bursting with vitamins and minerals to support the health of your gorgeous locks. These chewable vitamins are designed for all hair types and genders - oh and they are delicious!

  • Support hair growth
  • Nourish hair
  • Support hair health
  • Avoid hair breakage
  • Packed full of vitamins

haircarebear Hair Gummies are made with natural blueberries and raspberries for a natural sweet treat. Supplement your healthy lifestyle with two gummy bears a day to assist in hair growth, follicle strength and glorious shine!

It doesn’t stop there! Our perfect blend of essential hair friendly vitamins including Vitamin C, A, E, Biotin and Zinc to support the health of your skin and nails too. What’s not to love?!