Every babe has heard or at least seen the buzz around the greatness of collagen for their beauty routine from their fav influencer, or the beauty gurus hyping with the protein’s amazing benefits.

But what exactly is collagen, and what does it do?

Simply put, collagen mainly makes up our body's connective tissues such as bone, skin, cartilage, and tendons. Collagen is having a major moment in the beauty and wellness world. Health and beauty experts like Martha K & Kim K swear on its power to help support healthier, stronger bones, joints, nails, and hair. And their benefits go farther well beyond this. Collagen supplements can make ah-mazing improvements to your skin’s appearance and can add a helpful boost of vitality to your hair, skin and nails. You know that health glow we all wish to have? That… is collagen!

Body’s Collagen

Collagen is naturally occurring in our bodies, but due to natural aging, along with pollution, tanning in the sun, and other toxins, the body’s collagen production depletes at age 30.

Collagen production starts to fall in our mid-20s, causing the skin to age in feel and appearance, and cause hairs to become frail and brittle.

It’s a smart move for every babe to start supplementing collagen in their 20s to mitigate future collagen loss. Collagen is the best protein to stay lovely & glowy! If you want to create the strongest hair foundation possible while your collagen is still optimally functioning, work towards building and maintaining collagen. The sooner your care for your hair, the less the damage has to be undone and treated.

Whether in the form of pills, powders, or gummies, collagen is the best addition to your diet. Who doesn’t want healthy and fast-growing hair?! We know we do!!! Start taking collagen gummies to revitalize your hair, beautify without the struggle of having to swallow pills, and see a lovely difference from falling-out and dull-looking hair to super shiny and healthy hair from roots to tips.

Give your hair a radiant mega-watt shine with a healthy dose of collagen gummies.