Hair can get damaged easily through heat, sunlight, using the incorrect hair products or over processed hair dye. There are ways to help boost your hair growth through nutrition and diet! Here's our top tips:

Zinc: This mineral is essential to hair, skin and nail health. Zinc is found in fish, oilseeds and leafy greens such as spinach. 

Protein: Our hair is mainly made up of proteins so to achieve hair health, be sure to give your body a steady supply of amino acids in your diet. These can include meat, fish, eggs dairy, lentils, beans, legumes and nuts!

Vitamin C: Is there anything Vitamin C isn't good for?! This vitamin's antioxidant properties protects our hair and skin to keep it healthy. Vitamin C deficiency can result in dry hair.

Biotin: The hair hero! Also known as B7, biotin stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase follicle growth rate. 

All the above are easy nutrients to find in our diet however taking supplementary vitamins and minerals are a great way to ensure you're reaching those effective levels!

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